The following Equality Statement was unanimously approved at the Winter General Executive Board Meeting in Hollywood, Florida. It outlines the IATSE’s commitment to creating an inclusive working environment where differences are valued and equality is celebrated.  

Equal rights are the cornerstone of the labor movement. Unions were founded on the principle that all people are equal and all people are deserving of respect and fair treatment. Equality issues run through all areas of trade union activities – from health and safety to wage negotiations.  

The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) is committed to equality of opportunity and to eliminating all forms of discrimination. We are opposed to unlawful and unfair discrimination and oppression on the grounds of gender (including transgender people), relationship or marital status, race or ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, age, language, background, political or religious beliefs, physical appearance, pregnancy or responsibility for dependents. 

We believe that equality for all is a basic human right and we actively oppose all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination. IATSE leaders and members must be vigilant in working, both with each other and with our employers, to promote an equal and welcoming environment for all people, through our actions, attitudes, and language. The IATSE celebrates the diversity of society and is striving to promote and reflect that diversity within this organization.


Friday, October 20, 2017

As a labor union, we were founded upon equality, respect, and fairness for all people. We commend the many who have courageously shared their stories of sexual abuse and harassment in the entertainment industry, and we absolutely support their right to speak out. Members are always encouraged to contact their union or the IATSE Safety Hotline (844 IA AWARE / 844-422-9273) if they are in a situation that feels wrong or unsafe.

This July, almost 900 delegates elected to represent the IATSE membership convened for the IATSE International Convention, the highest legislative and judicial body in the IATSE. The delegates unanimously voted to adopt the following:


WHEREAS, The IATSE has acknowledged the safety and well being of its members to be of the greatest concern;

WHEREAS, The IATSE Equality Statement reads in part “IATSE leaders and members must be vigilant in working, both with each other and with our employers, to promote an equal and welcoming environment for all people, through our actions, attitude, and language”;

WHEREAS, No human being should ever be subjected to any type of sexual or physical abuse in the workplace;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Delegates to the IATSE 68th Quadrennial Convention condemn sexual or other physical abuse perpetrated in the workplace; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That efforts be made to support IATSE members who report workplace abuse; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Locals of the IATSE will work together to inform members that such actions will not be tolerated and that anyone responsible for workplace abuse will be held accountable.

Convention Action: The Delegates adopted this Resolution. As required, the IATSE hereby reminds all local unions that the IATSE encourages and advocates for respectful work environments and adheres to anti-harassment, anti-discrimination and anti-bullying workplaces. It further reminds Locals that the IATSE Equality Statement can be found on the International’s website at"

We recognize that sexual harassment in the entertainment industry is not a one-time issue to confront. IATSE leaders and members are continuing to actively work together and with the larger entertainment industry to advocate for safer work environments for everyone.